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Tales of Adventure: Dear old Granny

Created On Monday, 10 June 2019 22:52 By Kim Powers

Character's Name:  Antonia Claudia Thonnius

Title of Adventure: Dear old Granny

Month: 09-Laranus

Date: 02

Year: 956


    Antonia had walked away from the conversation they’d had with the member of the Lantern with more confusion than when she’d arrived. Although the conversation had been informative she and Julian had been all wrong about his grandmother and his family’s involvement in Agrik. Now she worried about how he was taking it. Leif and the other’s had made quick work of making it back to the boat to get underway. Julian had moved a little slower and Antonia was sure that was simply because he was deep in thought. She walked with him silently until they were back on board the boat and the crew had pushed them back into the current.

    The one person how had the largest most profound effect on Julian’s life was the one person who had betrayed his trust the most. Antonia could only imagine what they felt like. To her, it explained why there was an order out for him not to be harmed. Even as his grandmother she couldn’t have her own grandchild killed. Although she wondered about her own safety now. Would his grandmother put a bounty on her head or try to keep her from harm as well. Antonia couldn’t fight the smallest smirk that slid across her thin lips. Bounty, she told herself.

    There was something else that bothered her about it all. A personal battle that Julian fought with himself every day. One she was sure in someway she reminded him of. She looked around on deck for him.

    “Where did he wander off to?” Antonia asked to no one in particular. As she went in search of her favorite Bard.


    Julian was standing near the bow of the boat staring off into the air. As she drew closer, there was a pensive worried look on his face.


          She came up next to him along the railing and let her hand slide over to his own. Most of the crew there was something going on between them. She didn't bother to pretend. She wanted to say a copper for your thoughts, but she was pretty sure she knew he worries. “Julies,” she smirked. Not knowing why she'd called him that. “I'm sorry.” She was sorry that the one person he was sure wasn't an Agrik follower was the strongest in his family. She was sorry his trust in his grandma was betrayed.


He took her hand and squeezed it. “Thanks, that means a lot, just one more reason I love you. But she’s not who she pretends to be. She’s a fraud and I don’t know how I can just pretend that everything is normal when I’m around her and pretend that I don’t know what I know.”


Antonia thought about that for a moment. “She still cares about you, Julian. I don't know if I'd call her a fraud.” She smirked at him. “And don't pretend everything is ok. Don't go around her until you've figured out how you want to handle this. You have your own place, you have my grandfather's house. You don't need to pretend anything is normal around her.”

“But, I’m supposed to stop by. Every time I get back in town I’m supposed to go see her.. If I don’t go she know something is up.”


Antonia nodded. “Then we simply don't go back to selix until this is taken care of.” She offered. “You and me, we'll wander a bit if need be. Stay outside the city limits.”


    “I like that idea,” he said before impulsively leaning in and kissing her.


           She smiled the kiss was simple and sweet. A thank you for staying by his side. “Julian, I was thinking about this new information and I hate to open an old wound but...what's that chance this is why your father forbid your relationship with Gabriella?”


    He paused looking her directly in the eyes. “I supposed it could be. It does sound logical. Maybe he was trying to protect men in his own way.”


          She smiled at him. “You and your future family. If this is all true your father might actually be the only you can trust.” She offered. “Besides me.” She tried to make him smile.


    The corners of his mouth turned up at the corners slightly, “Well and don’t forget our friends. They’re my family now too.”


          That made her smirk Uncle Lief, yeah she wasn't calling him that. But she nodded her head. “Absolutely.” She liked that he smiled when he thought about their friends being family. It was better than the worried, perplexed expression that had been on his face moments earlier. “We will help you get through it.”


“Thank you,” he said entwining his fingers with hers.


She looked down at their hands. Their fingers entangled. “Nothing is going to scare me off.” She told him as well as herself.


    “That’s good,” he said without releasing her hand. How long do you think we can go without my going to see dear sweet granny she’s going to expect me to drop by soon and tell me my latest exploits.”


“She’s going to know if I’m lying.”


           Antonia looked at him. “Well, how long were we away with our first adventure? Months.” She told him. “ Don't lie to her. Tell her the truth if you want to. I know what you're up to grandma. I found a beautiful sword fighting pirate who plans to steal me away from you. Love Julies.” She teased.


    That elicited another laugh from him, “Well, you could go with me if you want. She knows about our relationship. It would be like I’m taking you home to meet her. What do you think about that?”


         She smiled both at the invitation and at his laughter. “That could be fun.” She nodded. “Do I have to play nice?”


    “Of course not, “ he replied, “remember we’re pretending everything is normal.”


          She smirked. “Normal for us anyways.”


    “That’s true enough,” he said, the sly grin still on his face.


           “Come on, you've had months of practice without me. Let's see how your swordsmanship has improved.”


    “Oh, I don’t know,” in a voice, he hoped to convey a hesitation he didn’t feel.”I haven’t had a lot of time to practice. But I suppose it wouldn’t hurt.”


    He pulled away from her and awkwardly pulled his sword out of its sheath.


          A large broad smile crossed her face. Antonia's sword came free with a more fluid like grace. “I saw you practicing the other day. You've gotten better.” She offered. “A lot better.”


    “Darn, you saw me. I guess there goes the surprise factor,” he responded changing his stance to a less awkward one. Okay, let’s see how well I do.” Then without warning, he thrust his sword towards her.


    Antonia couldn’t help but laugh. Watching him practice swordsmanship solo for a few moments hardly lent itself to her knowing everything he’d learned. “I’m sure you can still surprise me.” She said just as his weapon came towards her. She had to quick parry with a downward and away movement. Antonia was quick with a riposte in his direction. “You might even win once or twice.”


    He saw her sword coming and turned his body to the side, the blade barely missed him. If it had been delivered in a real battle it might have hit. “Is that the best you’ve got?” he countered.


    Antonia couldn’t fight off the smile. Not only had he seen her move coming he’d positioned himself to turn his frame in a way that kept her engaged and safeguarded himself from a would-be advance. She was genuinely impressed. She liked the fact that he was even getting cocky about his skill level. Her blade outright she had to but twist her wrist slightly to the side and she tapped his blade. “Do you even have to ask that?” Withdrawing for a fraction of a second before re-engaging him with a more direct and quicker maneuver, it was a short burst flange She faked the attack to his right and struck to his left. She was quicker this time than their usual pace. But he was getting better so there was little point in pretending.


He went for the faint, but recovered quickly, just not quite quickly enough. “You’re still better than I am,” he informed her.


         Antonia hoped so. The day she wasn't she'd no longer be useful to the team. “You're better than I am at lots of things.” She reminded him. She pulled back and waited for him to advance if he chose to go again.


    He did advance, but perhaps not in the manner she expected. “Well, you’re a pretty fast learner yourself,” he said as he sheathed his sword and moved even closer. “You’re getting really good at kissing. But I’m willing to give you another lesson.”


    Antonia smirked at him and shook her head.”Hmmm, a tempting lesson to be sure.” She said as she put her weapon away. Her hand went to his chest to slow his advance. “However, that lesson will have to wait.”


    “Oh?’ he said, raising his brow, “why is that?”


           She gestured over his shoulder. “Land.”


    He shrugged his shoulders glancing behind him, “I’m sorry, I still don’t get it.”


         She stole a kiss on his cheek. “You are adorable. I have to help the crew make preparation for dropping anchor, raising the sails and getting us secure.” She reminded him. “I'm still a sailor.”


    “Of course,” he replied slapping his hand to his forehead.,” my apologies. Is it okay if we take a raincheck?”


    Antonia leaned against him, stole another kiss of his cheek and whispered. “Count on it.”


    “I’m not that great of a sailor, but I’ve watched a lot and I do know a thing or two. Is it okay if I help too?”


She looked surprised, it took Antonia a moment to nod. “Of, of course, you can.”


    It had been a while since he’d been in the rigging, but as he started to climb, it all started coming back to him.


    Antonia helped the crew as they began to guide the Ariel into shallower waters.  Every so often she looked up to see Julian in the rigging. Genuinely impressed at his willingness to get dirty. It wasn't that she didn't think he was capable but that she rarely saw him do it. She liked that he got down and dirty with what she classified as common men. She counted herself among them, a pirate.


    When the ship had docked and the lines tied off, he climbed down and came her way. “Are you ready to go?”


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