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Tales of Adventure: A close brush

Created On Monday, 10 June 2019 22:34 By Kim Powers

Character's Name:  Antonia Claudia Thonnius

Title of Adventure: A close brush

Month: 10-Saraus

Date: 09

Year: 956


Antonia was sitting on a crate while the others were looking around the hideaway. Servio’s corpse lay beheaded in the dirt and stone and all she could think about was that finally, her brother had justice. She lifted her shirt to see the spot where Servio had kicked her and dropped her to her knees. Her side was already an interesting coloration of purples and reds. "Damn" she uttered. She probed her tender skin with her fingers checking to make sure nothing was broken. Even though Lebienus had blessed them she still didn't feel all that well.


Julian, who had already lightly scolded her then shown his relief by kissing her, came over to where she was sitting examining herself. “Are you okay?” he asked as he saw the discolored skin. “You worried me you know.”


She looked at him and pushed her shirt down. "I'm sorry." Antonia let out a sigh. Apologizing for her actions was new for her. "I couldn't let him get away." She hadn't even put her weapon away, she'd just leaned it up against the crates she was sitting on. The more she sat the more she realized how tired she was.


“I know, and we couldn’t let him get away. But that doesn’t mean I worry any less about you.” He reached out and touched her side very gently, leaning in very close to her as he did so. “You’re not going to promise not to do something rash and foolish again like this are you?”


She winced slightly moving at his touch. "I…" she frowned. "I wouldn't want to break a promise, Julian," Antonia told him.


“What promise is that?’ he asked, before slowly drawing his hand away. “That’s not why I was touching you, not that the thought hasn’t crossed my mind now.”


"You said, you're not going to promise not to do something foolish and rash again. I'm saying I can take a promise not to act like this again. It's just part of who I am." She gave him an inquisitive look. "Where is your mind?"


He blushed ever so slightly, “I’m a man, in love with a beautiful woman. Where do you think my mind is?”


She shook her head and rolled her big eyes at him. Men. "It's going to be a little while before I'm up for any kind of strenuous activities," Antonia admitted. "He got me in the arm too, thankfully my armor took most of the damage but I'm sure I'm black and blue."


“I know, and I do understand, I might think rakish thoughts, and I can talk a good game, but I’d never actually ask to do anything that might make you hurt worse. You do know that right?”


Her face melted into a knowing smile. "Of course. I know you're just teasing. It's a good sign." She adjusted the way she sat, easing some of her discomforts. "It means you're not too worried about me."


“Oh, I’ll always be worried about you I love you. It’s just that I know you can take care of yourself., so I’m trying not to worry too much.”


Her smiled sparkleD in her eyes when he said he loved her. "You've never voiced your concerns before. Did it look that bad?"


He swallowed softly.”It looked really bad, almost like...well it looked really bad, I’ll just leave it at that.”


"Like I'd lost?" She ventured to say.


“No, more like you were going to win and kill  yourself in the process, “I’d never think you would lose.”


She has to give him that much. Antonia would never engage in a fight she didn't think she could win. "Oh, no," Antonia said. "I have too much to live for."


“Such as?” he asked even though, or perhaps because he thought he knew the answer or at least part of the answer.


Her eyes widened as if she thought he was kidding. She almost said you silly. But instead said. "Well, my family now that we are on better terms. Putting these Agrik bastards away… stuff like that."


“Those are all good things,” he said with a wicked smile,” is that all?”


Antonia matched that smile of his with one of her own. "Well, there is one very important reason to live."


“Annnnnnd?” he let the word stretch out.


Antonia leaned towards him. She whispered softly against his cheek. "A very long happy life with you."


Since they were already so close, he did the only reasonable thing he could think of doing. He closed the rest of the distance between them and kissed her deeply.


The kiss was sweet and she might have enjoyed it if her body didn't hurt so much. She moaned softly a combination of pleasure and pain before it ebbed. "Glad we agree."

He nodded as he pulled back from the kiss ever so slightly. “How about when we get back we get into bed and just cuddle?”


"That sounds really good." She told him. "Why don't you go and see what you can find with others. I'm going to sit here a little while longer." She didn't want to appear hurt in front of Lief or Lebeinus.


“Sounds good. Just try not to get yourself hurt while I’m gone.”


Antonia smiled at him. "That's a promise I can keep."


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