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Tales of Adventure: The Truth is Out

Created On Tuesday, 22 January 2019 18:28 By Kim Powers

Character's Name:  Antonia Claudia Thonnius

Title of Adventure: The Truth is Out

Month: 07-Morgus

Date: 12

Year: 956


The monsoon season was proving to be busier than Antonia had expected. With the help of her friends, she had cleared her name at least with her family. She had saved her brother's life and safeguarded his family. Antonia was no longer seen as a traitor to the Thonnius family. She wasn’t a pirate; she was just the daughter that worn pants. Her grandfather had been so proud of her for proving Justus wrong and for confronting her father.


Her father’s apology for not trusting her had been heartfelt, and Antonia took it for what all that it was worth. But the years of bitterness between them had soured what had once been a very loving relationship. The scar on her arm would never go away. Ciuso gave  Antonia her family ring back, over dinner he’d tried to talk her into coming home and staying in Selix to help run the family business with Justus. Since she was clearly good at security, he thought perhaps she could help safeguard the ships and cargo. Teach the crew some swordsmanship. Antonia agreed to help the family during the monsoon season only. She was true to her word, though. She had promise Justus she wouldn’t take the business from him and she wouldn’t. She didn’t want the family business and did not want to take anything from Justus. So safeguarding the ships was all she was willing to do.


It was after dinner that very night when Antonia’s father noticed the ring around her neck. “An Aemilia?” He asked taking a sip of wine while they sat across from each other playing chess.


Antonia’s fingers rose to the ring around her neck. “Yes, Julian. He’s been traveling with us since this whole venture began.”


“This is the boy that broke your sister’s heart. You know this right?” He asked as he set the glass down and moved his Knight. “Our families compete for shipping contracts.” He glanced at the board and then up at his daughter.


“Julian and I want nothing to do with our families businesses.” She retorted trying to keep the defiance out of her voice. “A relationship between us endangers nothing for you.”


Her father’s eyes wrinkled in the corners as a smile spread across his face. “My first born daughter is nothing to me?” He reminded her. “You think you mean so little to me?” He chuckled when he saw her pale cheeks blush with color. “I know that the Aemilia family does not hold Julian in high regard because he is a dreamer. But if you care for him, and he for you then I can see my way to condone this…” his hand gestured back and forth. “Courtship, if that is what it is.”


Antonia smile wider brightened maybe. She stood up and hugged her father as he sat in his seat. Despite being a strong woman, Antonia still enjoyed gaining her father’s approval.


“I warn you to be careful around him; he’s rumored to be somewhat of a charmer and a ladies man. I don’t want to see you get hurt by him.” He smirked. “I definitely do not want to have to come to get you out of jail if he does hurt you.”


Her father insisted that Julian would have to come to the house for dinner some night and Antonia promised just that as soon as he was back from overseas. The conversation seemed to concern her father. Traveling overseas in the monsoon season seemed reckless at best. As an experienced seaman, he would never send a ship across the ocean with the monsoons on the horizon. Leaving Ciuso to assume that whatever Julian was doing for his family was either extremely dangerous or important.


“I will make sure to pray for his safe return.” He said after another sip of-of his wine.


Antonia smiled and nodded. “I’d appreciate that greatly, father.” She moved her Knight into place. “Checkmate.”


The older Thonnius smiled broadly as he looked over the board and he leaned back in his seat. “For what it is worth Antonia, thank you for what you did for your brother. I don’t know how you managed it but thank you.”


Antonia wanted to say she hadn’t cleared Justus of his debt with the Lia Kavair for him. She’d done it for his children, for the family name. For her grandfather and for a chance to be in her father’s graces again. Putting it all that way and Antonia felt a little selfish, Drest, and his damn moral compass was starting to affect her. She could even hear his voice in her head.

“Just keep him out of trouble.” She said. Antonia didn’t wanna tell him the price of Justus’ freedom. She didn’t want to tell him that her friend had agreed to a blind contract with the Lia Kavair. She’d been floored when Lief had agreed to that so quickly.


One of the servants interrupted the conversation to remind Ciuso of his appointments for the morning. The older Thonnius although no longer head of the business was still a busy man. He made Antonia promise to visit again and told her that she was welcome in the house any time. He said that for both her benefit and that of the servants. “Do we understand? My daughter is welcome in my house.” He looked at the young man by the door who nodded his head.


Antonia hugged her father once more before she left for the evening. She went home and wrote a letter to Julian. She knew it would never make it across the season, but writing to him made her miss him less. And the letters would be waiting for him when he returned. He would return, she told herself.


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