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Tales of Adventure: Battle of Sela

Created On Sunday, 13 January 2019 20:19 By Eddie Brown

Character's Name:  Drest son of Erip

Title of Adventure: Battle of Sela

Month: 04-Navus

Date: 03

Year: 956


The quarry were Agrik leaders and their hired swords. They ran from crimes in Ostium, west to Selix to hide within the den of snakes there. They burned a copper foundry and planned to raise a great evil upon the world. It could not stand. We took the ship of our great captain, Leif, to Sela. There we planned to stop them with the help of the people and let them face justice.


One warrior watched the river crossing instead of speaking with the town. The land laid bare the way. The quarry must use the crossing. Like the owl, the warrior was patient upon his perch. For, as the others in the party discovered, the people of Sela did not wish to help. They distracted our party with useless parlay. The quarry were sly as the fox and snuck around the hounds.


The quarry, mighty in number and power upon the land, were weak upon the barges upon the river. The one warrior rained arrows upon them. They stalled. Our party came together at the river crossing. With sword and mighty magics, we defeated the Agriks, capturing them and their hired swords. The victory was sweet.


Justice would be served, but not this day. The people of Sela feared the words of the Agriks and faltered. The party would take the Agrik leaders to Selix for punishment. The irony was not lost upon brother armadillo.


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