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Tales of Adventure: Standing the Watch

Created On Tuesday, 08 January 2019 18:06 By Kim Powers

Character's Name:  Antonia Claudia Thonnius

Title of Adventure: Standing the Watch

Month: 03-Halus

Date: 17

Year: 956


They’d all decided that there was no way to make it back to town before dark. Camping out on top of the Kolbold's  mountain home was going to have to do for the night. They’d caught a few fish from the lake. Alatar and made the fire and they were all settling in for the evening. While they’d been assured that nothing could harm them on the mountaintop Antonia still felt the need to watch. It was this distrusting nature of hers that refused to believe they were safe. She was leading against the rocks just a little way away from their encampment.


Below them she saw the devastation of the mining. The one mighty stream now reduced to a tributary of sorts. In the night the water looked more inky black then the brown it had been during the day. The moons weren’t full but their reflections in the lake provided a little extra light.  She could make out the lake’s edges, every once in a while a fish would break the surface trying for a late night snack. Beyond that were hills and trees. It made her miss Selix, a little.


Julian, after all the excitement had thought he would fall asleep as soon as his head hit the  pillow, he was certainly tired enough. But somehow sleep had escaped him. He sat up and looked around. Everyone was asleep, except for Antonia who wasn’t sitting around the fire.


He rose to his feet moving as quietly as possible so he didn’t wake anyone else up.He thought he caught a glimpse of her and moved towards what he thought must be her. “It’s me,” he called out in a stage whisper, “you can relax.”


Antonia had heard his movements and had drawn her dagger, even though it didn’t look like she’d moved much at all. Her head turned to look in the direction his whisper had come from. She had just the smallest hint of a smile about her features. Her arms folded across her chest she hide the dagger she was holding very well. “Hi, me.” She gestured for him to come closer.


“You’re incorrigible, you know that right?” he asked as he moved closer, “but I think I like that about you. Mind if I sit?”


Antonia slid over against the rock she was leaning against and unfolded her arms. The dagger she’d had in hand flashed for a moment against the distant fire light of the campfire before she put it back into place. “Not at all. Couldn’t sleep?”


Julian chuckled softly when he saw the glint of the knife. “No, I couldn’t. Looks like we’re both in the same boat. I thought I wouldn’t have any problems, but I’ve just been tossing and turning. I didn’t want to bother anyone else. What’s keeping you awake?”


Antonia almost said trust issues. Which she had, but it was more like she just didn’t like there not being someone on watch. It made them vulnerable she thought, so she was staying up to make sure that they weren’t at risk. “I just want to make sure that it’s safe.” She offered. “Keep an eye out, you know.”


“I can’t blame you for that I guess. I mean I think we’re safe enough here, everyone else seems to think so. But still, I can understand. See anything unusual?”


She shook her head as she glanced over at him. “Which is actually nice for a change.” Antonia looked back out at the lake and the moonlight. “What’s got you up? Something on your mind?”

    “I don’t know what’s going on, I just know something is. Maybe it’s intuition, maybe it’s just  something I ate, I’m not really sure.”


She chuckled. Something he ate.  “Maybe it’s just connected to everything else and we’re getting so used to being attacked.” She sighed. “Today went well. There was no fighting and it was all talking. Just like you’ve been wanting.”


“I guess that’s what troubles me, everything seems to be going fine. I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop.”


“I thought you were the optimist here?” She reminded him. Antonia spotted something on the lake’s edge and when she pushed off the rock to get a better look it bolted away. Most likely an animal looking for a drink. “I’m sure the shoe will drop, but it’s not going to be tonight.” She offered.


“I think I’m a realist, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking, because the alternative means I’m paranoid. Speaking of which, do you think we should go check that, whatever it is, out?”


Antonia shook her head. Some of her red hair fell out around her face and she pushed it aside. “It's far enough away. Mostly just a deer.” She looked at him.


“What if this foundry owner Karan knows this piece of Mica was a holy spot?” She offered. “If he is creating or helping push these artifacts. Destabilizing the positive Faith's in the area might just be his thing.”


Julian let out a small, but audible sigh, “That would not surprise me at all. I’m not sure if he’s a fanatic, or just a profiteer.”


“Profiteer would be a nice change.” She fought off a yawn. “Sorry.” She said covering her mouth.


Antonia moved closer to him.


    Almost instinctively, his arm wrapped around her  and pulled her to him.

    Antonia hadn’t expected that. It wasn’t to say it wasn’t welcome, she just had been caught off guard by his sudden reaction. “That might be the first time you’ve caught me off guard.” She admitted after a moment.


    Still she liked being closer to him. It wasn’t intimate it was just nice.


    He almost stole a kiss from her, but decided not to. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but would like to sleep with me, well by me really I’m not talking sex here.”


        “I'd rather make sure that everyone is safe.” She admitted. “Otherwise, I would.”


    “Everyone is safe, nothing is going to happen, come with me.” He slowly rose to his feet and held out his hand to her.


       Her senses we're having their own tug of war inside her. Part of her said stay watch the camp, the rest said go with him.  The internal struggle was mostly what ifs. Her hand went for his hesitantly.


He gave her a welcoming smile and  pulled her to her feet. “Thanks, you know if one of them spots us together our cover will be blown.”


“Would you be ready for that if it happened?” She asked softly. Antonia would admit, she wasn't. She wasn't exactly sure how she would explain it.


“I don’t know. I mean it wouldn’t bother me much. I’m kind of surprised one of them hasn’t picked up on it by now, but I want to honor what you think too.”


Antonia smirked. Bother wasn't the word that came to mind. She worried that the other’s opinions of them would change. That they would second guess their loyalty. But part of her also knew that friends weren't like that. Antonia had not had friends in a long time. But she counted these men as such. “Personally, I don't believe it's anyone's business but ours. But they are our friends I'm sure they would be encouraging so long it doesn't effect the task at hand.”


“Well then,” he suggested still holding her hand and looking in her eyes, “let’s go back there then. We don’t have to make any big announcement, but if they find out, they find out.”


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