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Civitas Helellus

Civitas Helellus
Realm of the Seven Ports
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Civitas Helellus

This is the legendary (i.e. Atlantis) city of Helellus who may have been the greatest and most dangerous Arch mage of all time.  Helellus was a practicer of Glauberg Magic.  During the great migrations which occurred due to the first Easterling civil war, Helellus lead his people west and across the unknown lands to settle in a fertile land.


Through means, now lost in time, Helellus and his people achieved great longevity.  It is said the average worker in the city would live to be over hundred years old.


Helellus and his people were known for their great city, vast wealth, and a library that is said to have rival all the libraries of our current age.  The library is said to contain ancient magical texts which will increase longevity and teach an arch mage how to manipulate many kinds of magic.  The library also contains a codex which can be used to find "The God's Eyes".  It is believed that the "God's Eyes" will show a person were the celestial jewels can be found on and under Nyonia.


The city became a place where the greatest mages and scholars would gather to come and live.  Helellus through his knowledge had the casters of these different types of magic cast their spells into him so that he would become a living item of magic.


No one knows how long he lived or how long the city lasted, at least 300 years, maybe longer.  But Helellus' downfall and the destruction of the Civitas of Helellus did one day come.  In a day the entire Civitas of Helellus and its ruler were wiped from the face of Nyonia.  No one knows why or how.


No one knows where the city was at because all of those records have been lost to the ages.

Civitas Helellus is a legendary city that is now in ruins.

David Tannen

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