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Realm of the Seven Ports
Population: 350


Found along the north side of the river Adige, Marsia is a pleasant, prosperous village, because the Mauro River empties into the Adige river approximately 1 mile upstream on the south side of the Adige River.

Wealthy visitors do visit the village from time to time on their way to their rural estates.

The village is mostly visited by caravans, travelling merchants, and merchant ships.

  • Docking fees - 50 sp per ship
  • Passenger offloading - 1 sp per passenger or crew member
  • Grain - A great deal of corn and wheat come to Marsia to be shipped to Selixus and beyond
  • Flour - The local miller has become very wealthy due to a new process he has developed which preserves the flour for many months and keeps it from going bad
  • Local crafts and staying at the Raven Inn

Notable People

Praetor Sianuria Melilia

Praetor Melilia is a tall middle aged woman with long grey hair and blue eyes.  She typically wears a fair amount of makeup.

Tribune Anelius Orcos

Tribune Orcos is a young man with black hair and blue eyes. 


Byquist is the owner of the Raven Inn.  She is Olduwan (Province of the Wildlings). She middle aged, medium height and weight, has brown hair and brown eyes.  She wears distinctive jewellery that is typically of the Olduwan.

Pelis Viunucus

Pelis Viunucus is the blacksmith in town.  His family has lived in the village for many generations and someone in the family has always been the village blacksmith.  Pelis Viunucus is a man of average height, looks like he is strong, with medium length brown hair and brown eyes.

Astis Sosestius

Astis Sosestius is the miller in the village.  He bought the existing mill in 954 DA.  He is a middle aged man, who is tall, bald head and has absolutely no facial hair, with blue eyes.

Canius Nardius

Canius Nardius' family has owned Nardius Emporium for two generations.  Canius Nardius is middle aged, average height, has brown hair and blue eyes. 

Vido Pulantus

Vido Pulantus is the owner of Vido's Bakery.  His family has been bakers in the village for a number of generations.  Vido's heritage is Mehgarthian. He is an older man, who is quite large, has long brown hair and brown eyes.  He has an ear ring in his left ear.


David Tannen

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