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Organizations: Ruling Council

Created On Wednesday, 05 December 2018 18:49 By David Tannen

Name: Ruling Council
Country: Realm of the Seven Ports
Location: Selixus

The Realm of the Seven Ports is based on limited democratic republic.  Each port is organized with the following government:

The council is made of the following groups:

  • Seven families who founded the Realm of Seven Port.  Each family has two voting members on the council
  • The Dockworkers, Smiths, Cobblers, Masons, Merchants, and Tavern/Inn Keepers
  • These guilds elect two representatives from amongst their numbers Wheelwrights, Brewers, Carpenters, Bakers, Cloth workers, and Barbers
  • Four at large representatives elected by the people (representative cannot be part of a guild or have another family member sitting on council)
  • Commander of the City Watch has a voice but no vote
  • Each of the major temples has a representative and also has a voice but no vote
  • City administrator has voice and no vote.  City administrator is elected by the entire council, cannot be a member of the council, guild or a family member in one of the seven families.

Council has an executive group:

  • President - elected by the seven families and a member of the seven families
  • Vice-president - elected by the guilds
  • Two members from the seven families
  • One representative from the at large
  • City administrator and commander are also members with a voice but no vote

Each port sends their Executive Council to the capital twice a year for two weeks to conduct national business.

Current Executive Council:

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