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Characters: Servalia Aemilia

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Name: Servalia Aemilia
Sex: Female
Race: Moche
Profession: Matriarch of Aemilia Family
Country: Realm of the Seven Ports
Location: Selixus
NPC: Yes

Servalia Aemilia is a older woman (60's) who is very wrinkled and portly. She favours either black or red clothing. She wears some jewellery. At first glance she reminds people of their grandmothers.

Lady Servalia has spent decades dealing with council and city politics, plotting and intrigue par excellence. She was also known for her wit and sarcasm. As a result, Lady Servalia has aquired the nickname Lady of Thorns, just not to her face.

Her children and adult grandchildren call her Lady Servalia and younger grandchildren call her nana.  When children are young she seems like a typical grandmother.  By early teenage years there is a change in the relationship between her and her children and grandchildren.


Her father decided that she was the most capable person in the family to take over the business before he died. She married and has a number of children and a great number of grandchildren. They are all vying to take over when she dies.


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