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Characters: Grabine Brannon

Created On Sunday, 13 January 2019 14:43 By David Tannen


Name: Grabine Brannon
Sex: Male
Race: Wangai
Profession: Capo Famiglia
Country: Realm of the Seven Ports
Location: Selixus
NPC: Yes

Age: Adult
Height: Very Tall
Hair: Bald
Eye Color: Brown
Facial Shape: Round
Distinguishing Features: No Distinguishing Marks

Grabine Brannon rose up through the ranks of the Lia Kaviar over the past three decades.  He is now responsible for gambling, loan sharking and fencing stolen items in Selixus.  He has become as rich person as most of the Seven Captain families in Selixus, although most people would not know this.  He lives in one of the villas in the Northern District


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