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Characters: Iona Alympatia

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Name: Iona Alympatia
Sex: Female
Race: Moche
Profession: Moche Mage - Casters Tower
Country: Realm of the Seven Ports
Location: Selixus
NPC: Yes

Age: Adult
Height: Tall
Hair: Medium Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Facial Shape: Long
She’s in her middle years, still attractive and fit, with a professorial air. Her clothes all come in muted tones, and might even be called stodgy.

Iona was a gifted wizard. In many ways, she remains so. As a young woman, she went on many great adventures and had a reputation for using her magic in a cavalier fashion.


Then the careless use of magic caused irreparable harm to a companion. Even though the victim forgave her, the experience and guilt caused her to retreat into a scholarly shell.


She is now responsible for the research laboratories at Selixus' Casters-Tower. She is has a strict set of guidelines about using the facilities.


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