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Characters: Drest son of Erip

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Name: Drest son of Erip
Sex: Male
Race: Samara
Profession: Spirit Questing
Country: Realm of the Buffalo
Location: Selixus

His red-olive skin thinly covers the sinew and muscle of his five foot, eleven inch form. At 180 pounds, he has known hunger in the wilds, but not experienced it often. Long, black hair is unkempt, belying his many nights slept under the stars. His horse and dog seem bright eyed and step with energy, his care for them evident.


Drest son of Erip is a young Samara man, most often seen atop his horse, Shiff'und, with the mutt, Hoofter, loping alongside, as they cross the expanses of the Realm of the Buffalo. He is one who knows how to ride, how to track, and how to scout. He has helped defend his People since before he could ride. His arrows find their mark and their bite is true.


His father, Erip, is the lead warrior for the tribe. His mother, Alpia, is the daughter of the late chief, Ru. Drest had a birth well foretold and with great portent. The spirits threw stars from the heavens in celebration on that night. It came at the end of a great and bountiful summer hunt and harvest. It was the best year the tribe can remember. There was a great expectation place upon the shoulders of the young babe. A presupposed reputation to live up to.


Today. He is too old to have not already become a warrior. Uradech called him a late spiritual bloomer at his farewell fire ceremony, doubling embarrassing to his father, whom expects much from his son. It was one last jab from the sly old medicine man of his tribe. It is because of such ways from Uradech that Drest only grudgingly trusts the power of magic. Magic is a twisting political power. Uradech, is a political mover, always with an ulterior motive. He wishes to run the tribe but is too weak to be a warrior.


Now. Drest is on a spirit quest to discover his spirit guide, a powerful spirit who must show him a purpose in life, a role in community, and how best to serve the People. Once found, he may return home to his People and be judged as a warrior. This quest will not be easy. His spirit guide must be stronger and wiser than Uradech, else his quest may be doubted and he will never be a great warrior. There is much at stake.




Heavy leather vest, medium wooden shield, atatl with several short spears, two tomahawks, hunting knife, and a medium bow. A leather pouch holds oddments for camp preparation and fire starting. A buffalo bladder is his water skin. Dried strips keep him fed when fresh meat is not available. Light is the only way to travel.



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