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Characters: Amesius Madulus

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Name: Amesius Madulus
Sex: Male
Race: Moche
Profession: Tribune of Canatha
Country: Realm of the Seven Ports
Location: Canatha
NPC: Yes

Tribune Amesius Madulus is angular in every sense, with sharp shoulders, a hard chin, and a hawkish nose. He is more muscular and imposing than his short stature suggests. He has long black hair and he has a large, well-groomed moustache.  His eyes are black.


Tribune Amesius Madulus lived in a poor section of Canatha, and used to be robbed, beaten, and exploited by criminals. He volunteered for the city guard to escape his neighborhood. In the guard, he fully adopted the spirit of the Canathaand duty asked of him. He moved up the ranks of the guard and in time became the Tribune.


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