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Characters: Alatar the Blue son of Albanius

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Name: Alatar the Blue son of Albanius
Sex: Male
Race: Mehgarth
Profession: Mage
Country: Country of Kerala
Location: Selixus

Alatar is tall and thin with Black Hair and Brown eyes. He is famous for his distinctive blue travelling cloak with accompanying blue wool tunic and pants and wizards staff. When he walks he has a seemingly mystical presence about him. He is know for speaking in an even tone and with a quick wit. When confronted with opposition he raises his magical defences a at whom ever opposes him and prepares for battle.


Alatar was born to modest means in a small town in Kerala. He was discovered by Pallando at young age who recognised his talent with magic and offered to take him on as his apprentice. Alatar would spend the next 15 years traveling with him learning about magic and after eight years learning he was allowed to actively assist his mentor in completing his contracts. They assisted in a number of small border disputes between ambitious lords looking to expand their territorial control which while not particularly heroic or exciting did pay well. While they did have a number of more interesting adventures they often became events that were never talked about again.


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