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Assius Aelittius


Name: Assius Aelittius
Sex: Male
Race: Moche
Profession: Legatus legionis
Country: Realm of the Seven Ports
Location: Selixus
NPC: Yes

Age: Adult
Height: Short
Hair: Long Gray
Eye Color: Black
Facial Shape: Long
Distinguishing Features: Sideburns

He is a short man, about 5'3", who is late middle aged.  He has long gray hair and large sideburns. 

He is a man who clearly has been in the miltary for most of his adult life.

Except at purely social occasions he will be wearing a steel armor, a gladius and dagger at all times.


The legatus legionis commanded a legion, a force of just under 5000 men divided into ten cohorts. He was a senator, usually in his early 30s – a man who had chosen a military career.

Assius' family is one of the many families that is allied with the Audumnia Family. He joined the military at a young age and eventually became known to Varmus Audumnia, who sponsored him into the cities elite guard and finally into his current position.  Although grateful to his sponsor, he does not feel 'beholding' to him or his family.  He has earned his position and he very good at what he does.


David Tannen

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