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Settlements: Village of Naissus

Created On Saturday, 26 November 2022 22:10 By David Tannen
Village of Naissus
Land of the Twin Bighorns
Population: 500

Naissus is a large village and is well fortified.  It provides barley, wheat, sunflower seeds, and various livestock byproducts (wool, cheese, etc.) to Tenedo

Naissus is well-managed by Marundus Cerinius.


  • XB1 Noble Villa
  • E Gatehouse
  • NE Gatehouse
  • NW Gatehouse
  • S Gatehouse
  • Wall Tower
  • Wall Tower
  • Wall Tower
  • Wall Tower
  • Wall Tower
  • Wall Tower


  • DL220 Shoemaker
  • EM78 Shoemaker
  • FM88 Shoemaker
  • GM98 Tailor
  • IO136 Tailor
  • EL80 Old-Clothes
  • HO85 Furrier
  • JO205 Furrier
  • HN1 Spice Merchant
  • IO135 The Bright Gold-piece
  • IQ1 Barber
  • KN1 The Stone Coin
  • KP1 Cooper


  • DL219 House of Fried Chicken
  • IP1 The Jester's Tavern
  • JO93 Baker


  • YM1 Barn
  • PA1 Barn
  • DW1 Farm Large
  • OX1 Farm Large
  • QJ1 Farm Large
  • RU1 Farm Large
  • SW1 Farm Large
  • TE1 Farm Large
  • UJ1 Farm Large
  • UL1 Farm Large
  • UP1 Farm Large
  • UZ1 Farm Large
  • VD1 Farm Large
  • VV1 Farm Large
  • XB1 Farm Large
  • XG1 Farm Large
  • XL1 Farm Large
  • YS1 Farm Large
  • ZO1 Farm Large


  • KN13 House Very Fat L Wood
  • KN8 House Very Fat L Wood
  • KP88 House Fat L Wood
  • LM6 House Square Wood
  • CL39 House Very Fat L Wood
  • DL221 House Fat L Wood
  • EL159 House L-Shaped Wood
  • EM79 House Fat L Wood
  • FL7 House L-Shaped Wood
  • FM102 House Fat L Wood
  • FM155 House Square Wood
  • FM156 House Square Wood
  • FN1 House Square Wood
  • FN2 House Very Fat L Wood
  • GM144 House Square Wood
  • GN1 House L-Shaped Wood
  • HN272 House Very Fat L Wood
  • HO90 House Square Wood
  • IO233 House Very Fat L Wood
  • IP4 House Square Wood
  • IQ118 House Very Fat L Wood
  • IQ93 House Fat L Wood
  • IQ94 House Fat L Wood
  • JN1 House Fat L Wood
  • JN16 House Very Fat L Wood
  • JN8 House L-Shaped Wood
  • JO337 House Square Wood
  • JP155 House Fat L Wood
Village Naissus


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