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Characters: Octenius Lustanius

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Name: Octenius Lustanius
Sex: Male
Race: Glauberg
Profession: Mage
Country: Land of the Twin Bighorns
Location: Selixus
NPC: Yes

Age: Old Adult
Height: Average
Hair: Medium-length Brown but mostly grey
Eye Color: Blue
Facial Shape: Angular
Distinguishing Features: Distinctive Scar


When Octenius was a child growing up in the Village of Capua, he was harassed and bullied by the other children, especially Arnes Firia (see Arnes Firia is Missing).


Octenius Lustanius has established his power base in a fortified tower on a deep canyon's edge. The tower is located deep in the heart of the badlands, at least three days away by horseback from the Village of Capua. The tower is made of black stone, and its walls are thick and imposing, rising to four stories. It is surrounded by a moat filled with murky water, and the only access to the tower is by a drawbridge that spans the moat.

Inside the tower, Octenius has established his library, filled with rare and ancient tomes on the subject of magic and the arcane. He has also amassed an extensive collection of enchanted artifacts and magical treasures, many of which he has acquired through dubious means. In addition to his library, Octenius has also set up a laboratory where he conducts his experiments and creates his magical concoctions.

The tower is staffed by loyal followers, including his personal guards and assistants. They are fiercely devoted to Octenius and will do anything to protect him and his interests. The tower is well-defended, with arrow slits and murder holes in the walls, and the guards are well-trained in combat. Anyone foolish enough to try to storm the tower would face a formidable challenge.


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