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Characters: Heca Aemillivia

Created On Saturday, 10 December 2022 18:14 By David Tannen


Name: Heca Aemillivia
Sex: Female
Race: Elam
Profession: Captain of the guard
Country: Land of the Twin Bighorns
Location: Stobi
NPC: Yes

Age: Young Adult
Height: Short
Hair: Medium Brown
Eye Color: Gray
Facial Shape: Round
Distinguishing Features: No Distinguishing Marks



Heca Aemillivia was born in Village of Stobi and followed her father's career into the village guard.  Because Village of Stobi is on the frontier it is well fortified and has a large village contingent of guards.

Her father was injured eight years  ago in a patrol.  The Stobi family did take care of his father but when he healed, he was let go from the guard.  He has struggled ever since.

Heca Aemillivia is angry that her father's loyal service wasn't rewarded in some way.  Because of this she has joined Forgotten Children of Dux Varus to help overthrow the current regime.


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