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New Character


Select the Heroes and Villains Menu

Create a new character

Character Name and select the Character Template

  1. Title:  Name of the character
  2. Template selection:  Selecting a template

Select the Character Template

  1. Template selection:  Selecting a template
  2. Character template


Character Template

  1. Image Button
  2. A short physical description
  3. Biography
  4. Image/Portrait for the character
If any of these values are not available then put "N/A" in the box so that they can be added later.


Where to put the images

  1. Select Image button
  2. Click on "nyonia" folder
  1. Select the "character" folder next
  2. If the image hasn't been moved to this folder already then you need to upload it from your computer to the server.  Use the browse button to find the image on your computer
  3. Click on the "Send it to the Server" button

Select an Image to display

Adjust Image Size

  1. Suggested width should be between 300 and 400 pixels.
  2. Lock button should be locked this will keep the Width and Height proportionate to each other.

Set the Category for the Article to "Heroes and Villains"

  1. Category is on the right side of the screen.  Select the small 'up arrow'
  2. Make sure the Category is set to Heroes & Villains

Set Tags for Character

Tags are a way to identify articles which have common concepts or ideas or related to each other.

  1. You can select an existing tag
  2. You can type in a new set of tags.  Type in a tag (one or more words, no more than a three word phrase) and then hit return.  You can add many separate tags by hitting return between each tag.


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