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Allowed Races

Player characters can choose from one of the Younger Races. Each of these races has advantages and disadvantages which reflect their physical and psychological makeup. A player character who is a member of one of the Easterling nations has the most flexibility in their character creation.


The Ainu are the physically toughest of all the playable races on Nyonia. they also tend to be a bit slower in their physical and menttal reaction times compared to other races.  


The Easterlings are for all practical purposes like modern human beings.  The one variation to this are the Marius.

The Marius are slightly tougher than other Easterlings. The Marius are also slightly slower to react both physically and mentally. 


The Koori are significatly quicker in their physical reaction time than Ainu and Easterlings. They are well known for their long distance running ability, both in terms of how fastt they can run and how long they can run before becoming exhausted.   They also have highly evolved sense of sight and smell. The Koori are also weaker and more easily injured than Easterlings


The Wangai physical reaction time exceed all other races on Nyonia.   They are very slow runners due to their size.  When a Wangai wants they can become virtually invisible. The Wangai are significanntly weaker and more easily injured than any other race on Nyonia.  

David Tannen

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