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Nyonian Economy

For player characters we will be hand waving parts of the economy to eliminate the 'book keeping' that sometimes befalls player groups.

Standard Situation:

  1. Money Perk - This perk is used to avoid even more money issues. 

  • Well Off - Your character can easily afford to lease a house and have a person come in to clean the home.  It is possible to eat at the best places in town and enjoy most of the entertainment in town without concern for the cost.  If the player needs to spend more than 1000 sp on something they will need to identify where the money will come from.

  • Wealthy - Same as above, except can own property, has servants, and doesn't need to worry about cost of purchasing anything less than 5000 sp

  • Filthy Rich - Same as Wealthy except they own multiple properties, many servants, and doesn't need to worry about purchases of anything less than 10,000 sp

  1. Average player character is middle class. 

  • In general living expenses are about 300 sp a month.  This covers food and lodging.  Nothing fancy.

  • If your character makes their professional skill roll they earn enough to cover their expenses.  This roll will be made once a Nyonian month. Character PS roll will impact how much the character makes in a month:

    • -2 they earned an extra 30 sp in that month

    • -4 or more they earned an extra 60 sp in that month

    • +2 they only earned 270 sp in that month

    • +4 or more they only earned 240 sp in that month

  1. Inventory - Players are expected to keep an accurate inventory of their characters property, including money.  The players are also expected to identify where the inventory is being kept and how it is being secured.  To facilitate this a new field has been added to the 'character descriptions' found on this site.

  2. Beginning money will be determined by rolling your professional skill roll.  #2 will determine how much your character currently has in coins.

Nyonia Coins

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