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Olduwan Magic

Olduwan practice a form of magic called witchcraft. Witchcraft requires elaborate rituals, materials and time in order to manifest the magical effect. Olduwan mages are universally called witches, this term is gender neutral. A Olduwan witch often has a familiar and usually when they have a familiar it is a Jhereg. Olduwan witches have the ability to enhance each other's spells by working together. No more than three Olduwan witches can be in the same place at the same time anywhere on Nyonia. This edict came about because of the events leading up to the war between the Ghidorah and most of the Easterlings that surround the Ghidorah's.

  • Simbalon’s Influencing of the Mind
  • Simbalon’s Mindreading
  • Simbalon’s Mindreading of plant-life and animals
  • Simbalon’s Influencing of plant life and animals
  • Simbalon’s Plague
  • Simbalon’s Potion of Love
  • Simbalon’s Potion of Stamina
  • Simbalon’s Potion to Banish Fatigue
  • Simbalon’s Candle of Beguilement
  • Simbalon’s Candle of Life
  • Simbalon’s Curse of Death
  • Simbalon’s Warding charm
  • Simbalon’s Iron Amulet
  • Simbalon’s Cure Disease
  • Divining information from inanimate objects
  • Simbalon’s Potion of Healing
  • Simbalon’s Scrying
Game Mechanics for Magic

David Tannen

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