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Moche Magic

The Moche are a seafaring people, their magic reflects this way of life. Moche magic is associated with Sarajin - Lord of the Icy Wind. Although Sarajin is most often associated with battle lust, he is also the god who is associated with the seas.

  • Blaithelock’s Calm the Winds
  • Blaithelock’s Wind
  • Stelrane’s Spell of Stinking Air
  • Stelrane’s Spell of Slumberous Vapors
  • Blaithelock’s Sphere of Air
  • Blaithelock’s Wall of Clouds
  • Blaithelock’s Formless Shape
  • Blaithelock’s Call to the Wind
  • Blaithelock’s Favorable Winds
  • Blaithelock’s Sexton
Game Mechanics for Magic

David Tannen

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