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Mehgarth Magic

The Mehgarth mages can produce very powerful offensive and defensive magics. Mehgarth mages often find employment in armies, mercenary troops, and adventuring parties.


  • Stelrane’s Spell of Dispersion
  • Elnan’s Mystic Bolt
  • Elnan’s Mystic Blast
  • Elnan’s Mystic Wall
  • Sal’s Trap
  • Belar’s Sunblindness
  • Kerdar’s Bastion
  • Kerdar’s Bulwark
  • Kerdar’s Shield
  • Belar’s Lesser Warding
  • Blaithelock’s Call to the Elemental Realms
  • Boadlane’s Spell of the Secret Script
  • Boadlane’s Detect Magic
  • Boadlane’s Spell of Trickery
  • Boadlane’s Scribe
  • Sal’s Claxon
  • Belder’s Rope work
  • Thaen’s Shift


  • Sarn’s Meteor Strike
  • Sarn’s Lightning Storm
  • Sarn’s Hindering Brambles
  • Sarn’s Battlements
Game Mechanics for Magic

David Tannen

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