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God's Eyes

Nature of God's Eyes

God's Eyes are locations that can be used to find other hidden locations or objects on Nyonia. 


Most scholars believe the God's Eyes were created near the end of the Age of the Accursed Nights.  This is based on oral (and later written) stories from that time.  It is believed that both Siem and Save K'nor worked together to create the God's Eyes but no one knows for sure.  Also no one knows why the God's Eyes were created.



It is necessary to have the right gemstones and a codex which will be used to to find other God's Eyes or other hidden places throughout Nyonia.


God's Eyes fall into four different categories:

  • Location (Blue) - These God's Eyes are used to find other God's Eyes
  • Treasure (Golden) - These God's Eyes are locations of great treasure.  They tend to contain jewels, jewelry, and mineral wealth.  Usually guarded by a powerful being.  Sometimes another group has already killed the guardian and taken the wealth; but a new guardian with their own wealth may arrive.
  • Soul (Purple) - These God's Eyes are locations where either beings of great power, age and wisdom reside or they are places where pilgrams may travel to refresh their own souls.
  • Power (Red) - These God's Eyes are locations where either great magical power is concentrated or where very powerful magical items have been hidden.  Always guarded by a (or many) powerful being(s).  If the location has been plundered other powerful beings will move in.

David Tannen

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