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Settlements: Village of Sela

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Village of Sela
Realm of the Seven Ports
Population: 275

Village of Sela

The Village of Sela is an outpost along the frontier.  Traveling south will lead someone to the forbidding jungles, wild animals, monsters and outlaws.  The Realm of the Seven Ports has mostly ignored this area and the central government hasn't invested in a military presence here.

Notable Folk

Most of the population are nothing more than farmers, trappers, loggers and merchants.

  • Antetius is the current leader of the village council.
  • Atolius, Moche, is a blacksmith and he owns Atolius' Smithy
  • Diang, Wangain, who is both the town's herbalist and part-time Peoni priest
  • Encenn, Wangai baker, he owns and runs Encenn's bakery
  • Kerin, a Koori, who is part owner of a large trading shop in the village
  • Kesundus, he owns and runs Kes' bakery
  • Ketrullus, a Glauberg, who is the owner of the House of the Fried Chicken
  • Mecia, she owns and runs Mecia's bakery
  • Salia is the leader of the town watch.  She was at one time part of the Realm's military and was stationed at Comum.
  • Suibhne, a Wangai who is part owner of a large trading shop in the village
  • Victius, is a blacksmith and he owns Hammer and Anvil

Notable Locations

Most of the village comprises peasant homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  • Atolius' Smithy (BS01)
  • Encenn's Pastries (BKR01)
  • Footware 4 You (SHOE02)
  • Hammer and Anvil (BS02)
  • Herbalist (HERB01)
  • Kerin & Suibhne (SHOP01)
  • Kes' Bakery (BKR03)
  • Mecia's Bakery (BKR02)
  • Tesia's Boots (SHOE01)
  • The Bright Coppers  (SHOP02)
  • The House of Fried Chicken (TAV01)
  • Thundering Brew (TAV02)

Life In Sela

Most of the people of Sela live rather bland lives. There are a number of farms around the area.  One of the more unique factors about Sela is the Lumber that is harvested up river from the jungles


Sela revolves around:

  • Exotic woods harvested up river in the jungle
  • Exotic animals (pets & exotic food stuffs) and plants (food stuffs and medicinals) harvested up river

Law & Order

The villagers elect a council, who then elects an leader.  The council serves for two years and the leader for three.  No one can serve more than six years in a row.

Sela is the leader of the town watch, which has a permanent force of 20.  That group is augmented by able bodied men and women who serve on watch duty on a rotating basis.  The town watch consists of three shifts.  Each gate has three members of the watch at any one time.  At night the gates are closed. 


Appearance Sela villagers have dark skin and black or brown coloured hair. Dress The people tend toward cool light clothing.


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