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Settlements: Village of Lilo

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Village of Lilo
Realm of the Seven Ports
Population: 250

Lilo is one of the villages along the Adage River swamps which leads to the great sea and the city of Osseria.

Government Officials

  • Hectia is the leader of the village.  She is 53 years old and inherited her role from her father.  Hectia was never married.
  • Iunia is the leader of the village militia.  She is in her 40's and looks like a sheriff from Mayberry.

Notable People

  • Erlina and Caius (Erlina's husband) own The Moon and Clouds Inn.
  • Tonulus owns the Three Dancing Dogs Tavern


  • Barn
  • Butcher
  • Chicken-Butcher
  • Farm Large (10)
  • Granary
  • The Moon and Clouds
  • Three Dancing Dogs (Tavern)
  • Blacksmith
  • Cooper
  • Furrier
  • Old-Clothes
  • Shoemaker (2)
  • Spice Merchant
  • Tailor
  • The Tarnished Pence
  • House (7)
Specific Businesses
  • The Moon and Clouds is a two story inn.  It has the following accommodations:
    • One large common room that can sleep 8 people each in bunk beds.
    • One medium sized room that can sleep 4 people each in bunk beds
    • Two smallish rooms that can sleep either 1 or 2 people in each in a large bed.
  • Three Dancing Dogs (Tavern) is a small village tavern.  The second floor is living quarters for the family
Village of Lilo


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