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Settlements: Village Of Papenio

Created On Tuesday, 10 November 2020 04:09 By David Tannen
Village Of Papenio
Realm of the Seven Ports
Population: 300

Last village along the Adage River before entering the swamps which leads to great sea and the city of Osseria.


Government Officials

  • Sollus (Spice Merchant in town) is the current village leader
  • Atolius (Maurya) is the tribune of the local militia. 
  • Pollius is the dock master.

Notable People

  • Andria is the owner of The Yellow Moon Inn.  The entire staff is made up of women.
  • Gaius (M) and Arlia (F) own The Badger Tavern.  This is the local drinking establishment in town. 



Agriculture 20
Barn 2
Farm Large 17
Granary 1
Clothing 8
Furrier 2
Old-Clothes 1
Shoemaker 3
Tailor 2
Entertainment 2
The Badger (Tavern) 1
The Yellow Moon 1
Food 1
Baker 1
Government 9
Gatehouse 4
Wall Tower 5
Manufacturer 2
Blacksmith 1
Cooper 1
Merchant 4
Black Market 1
Spice Merchant 1
The Copper Store 1
The Three Silvers 1
Residential 32
House Fat L Wood 8
House L-Shaped Wood 8
House Square Wood 8
House Very Fat L Wood 8
Service 1
Mags Barber 1
Specific Businesses
  • The Yellow Moon - Three story inn.  The accommodations include
    • Two large common rooms that can sleep 8 people each in bunk beds.
    • Two medium sized rooms that can sleep 4 people each in bunk beds
    • Eight smallish rooms that can sleep either 1 or 2 people in each in a large bed.
  • The Badger Tavern - Two story tavern.  Part of the second floor is where the owners and their children sleep.  They do rent 'space' on the first floor for overnight guests.  They also have two small rooms they rent.
  • The Copper Store is run by two sisters, Nallia and Senelia.  They tend to have low value and priced goods.


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