Settlements: Sabia

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Realm of the Seven Ports
Population: 200

General Information

Found along the north side of the river Adige, Sabia is a pleasant, prosperous village, because it is a mid-point between Selixus and Canatha.

Wealthy visitors frequent the village to visit their estates dotted throughout the surrounding area.

As the river Adige makes a wide bend, one comes upon the village of Sabia, where the houses are large and well maintained, the people are smartly dressed in colourful clothes, and the bustle of activity fills the place.

Originally settled by a families who wanted to live in their own community away from the larger settlements, they built Sabia who was their leader. 

Notable People

Praetor Siuso Penelius

Siuso Penelius is the Praetor for this region. He was originally elected by people of the village as their leader and later 'confirmed' as Praetor by the Council of Seven.

He is missing his left arm at the elbow. He is tall, has very long black hair and black eyes. He is a retired soldier.

Tribune Decurva Rotia

Although it is somewhat unusual for a woman to serve as a tribune, Decurva Rotia served with Praetor Penelius and is a capable officer. She is good at making sure the small milita is well trained and drilled.

Notable Locations

The Yellow Moon Inn

This expensive, but well run, inn reduces its prices for locals and regulars.

Five Bright Coppers

General Store


The miller, Jucia Dumpollia, is a very wealthy woman. She and her late husband have owned the mill for many years. She and her children work at the mill.


Sifnheid, a Hammeh, took over the blacksmith shop two years ago when the former blacksmith died (heart attack). The town had been without a blacksmith for almost six months when Sifnheid showed up. He is in his late adolescence. He is tall, bald, with blue eyes. He is quite strong. He smiles alot but once in a while it is possible that he has a sad look on his face while staring off into the distance.

Peoni Shrine

As with most villages of any size their is a shrine to Peoni. This shrine is lead by a Wangai named Reanc. She has lived her for many decades and is highly regarded. She is a devote priest. She is of average height for a Wangai, has medium length black hair and black eyes. She serves as the local healer, midwife, and spiritual advisor for the people in the village.

Sabia is a medium sized village along the Adige River


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