General: Bucksnort Trading Post

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Bucksnort Trading Post
Realm of the Seven Ports
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Bucksnort Trading Post

On the second day out of Colonia of Cippus, near noon, you start seeing large wooden signs which look hand panted on the river bank:
Bucksnort Trading Post
Fishin and Gator supplies
Real home cooked meals
Some of the signs also mention exotic animals. All during the afternoon the signs become more gaudy with brightly painted lettering.

Before you can see the structure you can smell wood smoke and the odours of cooking food.  You hear singing, laughing, and the sounds of a party.


As you come around the bend in the river you see the Bucksnort Trading Post.  You immediately notice:

  • The building seems 'short'
  • Animal hides are drying in racks
  • A bare foot child who is fishing off the pier.  You can tell he is a Wangai.  When the child sees you he will yell out "Hey uncles, dat boat das hee!"




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