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General: Turris Aquarum

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Turris Aquarum
Realm of the Seven Ports
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Turris Aquarum

(Tower of Water)
Turris Aquarum is also known as Arcanum Turrim (Mysterious Tower), Turris Eburnea (Ivory Tower), or In Turrim (The Tower).  The entire tower is a mystery and it has been studied for centuries.
Turris Aquarum was created before any Easterlings crossed these lands. The structure is square and at the base measures exactly 500 x 500 meters  It has a height on 2000 meters, which makes it higher than any other known built structure.  The material the tower is made out of is unknown.  It looks like a marble, but feels like metal.  One part looks like it is glass but no one can see inside.
The tower walls are always cool to the touch.  Running down the sides of the tower is a steady stream of water  This is condensation running down the sides of the tower, hence tha name Turris Aquarum.
Attempts excavate the around the structure have been futile.  The deepest anyone has ever been able to dig, was 200 meters down before the space began to flood with water.

(The above image is accurate, except there are no mountains in the background).

There are large signs written in every language spoken on Nyonia that state:
All attempts to enter this structure over the centuries have resulted in injury or death.  There is a local cemetery of the foolish who have tried.  You are not smart enough, strong enough or powerful enough to enter this structure. You will live a longer and healthier life by enjoying the mystery of this place and appreciating the fact that we are not suppose to know everything.
Nearby there is a Peoni church and camping area.
There is also a small hamlet consisting of a large dock, a few houses, a building that is both a tavern and small shop.  The main industry is tourism surrounding the Turris Aquarum, which includes tours (walking, carriage, wagon) and curios that are for sale.


Common Legends about Turris Aquarum
The most commonly accepted legend about who built the Turris Aquarum is that the First Ones created the Turris Aquarum before they left to remind everyone that they were here.
The second most common accepted legend is that Siem, created the Turris Aquarum when Nyonia was newly created as a pure act of creation.  Siem's followers have disagreeing opinions about this.  Some believe that the only explanation is that Siem created Turris Aquarum.  Other believers say that Siem would never create such a building.


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