General: Theord's Tower

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Theord's Tower
Realm of the Seven Ports
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First Impressions

The squat, austere form of the Theord's Tower is not much to look upon as it sits atop Primrose Hill.  Primrose Hill is covered with scented primroses which fills the air within a half a mile to two miles with the smell of primroses.  The tower itself is surrounded by strong smelling rose hedges. Home to the wizard Theord Aimar and his small household, The Theord's Tower is not an obvious destination for travellers because of its remote location.  Perfumers and people who are looking for unique herbs, plants and materials for potions will seek out Theord for his skill as an alchemist. 

From time to time, or so the locals claim, the sweet-scented breezes from the tower carry traces of fouler odours. Widely believed to be the by product of the mage’s magical experiments, there are those who wonder if the perfumed halls conceal an ominous secret and if something sinister lurks in the depths of the tower dungeons.




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