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Realm of the Seven Ports
Population: 525


Grown fat and wealthy on the trade flowing along the Mauro River, Ostium is a prosperous place. River barges laden with trade goods put into the docks and the local trading post is a veritable hive of activity. The village streets are clean and the guards keep the populace safe. At night, the taproom of the Copper Talisman is busy with peasants and traders alike relaxing after a hard day's work.

Notable Folk

Most of the population are nothing more than peasants, miners or merchants.

  • Praetor Fabius Motius (FM01) The grandson of Janos Motius
  • Tribune Titus Lytera (FM01) Captain of the watch
  • Nira Vorius (OTP01) Nira Vorius is the leader of the local merchants' guild.
  • Pena Tascius (MP24) The owner of the Copper Talisman Pena
  • Trellus (Lives at KP20; Drinks at Miner's Luck QP18)
  • Kerin (IJ8) Kerin runs the foundry - DEAD - He was a follower of Agrik.
  • Ormen (PS01) The priest of Peoni is Ostium's oldest human resident.
  • Sena Gernia (GH01) A recent arrival in Ostium, Sena lives on the outskirts of the village.

Notable Locations

Most of the village comprises peasant homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  • Motius Manor: The Motius's much expanded original homestead also houses the village guard.
  • The Docks: The real reason Ostium is as prosperous as it is lies in the deepwater shore which enables trade ships to dock.
  • Ostium Trading Post: Run by a guild of merchants, the trading post is the heart of Ostium's economy.
  • Miner's Tenement (KP20)
  • The Copper Talisman (MP24): Pena Tascius runs the local tavern, which serves as the unofficial meeting place of the village.
  • Miner's Luck (QP18): This tavern is where most of the miners go for a drink
  • Three Shoes (JP15): This tavern is where most everyone who is either not a miner or visitor goes to drink and eat
  • Foundry (IJ8): Run by Kerin, the foundry turns copper ore from the mine into tradable ingots, which are then sent on into nearby cities. Burned to the ground.
  • The Peoni Shrine (PS01): Ormen established the Peoni shrine soon after the Motius family founded Ostium.
  • Gernia Homestead (GH01): One of the latest arrivals to Ostium, whose home is just outside the village.

Other locations

  • Chicken Butcher
  • Furrier
  • Butcher
  • Tannery
  • Baker
  • Cooper
  • Three Shoes
  • Shoemaker
  • Old Clothes
  • Tailor

Life In Ostium

Most of the people of Ostium live rather bland lives. The land isn't remarkably arable, so there are very few farms. Fishing in the river is also difficult because of the seemingly constant movement of the trade barges and the general "hustle and bustle" around the docks. It's not uncommon to find a larger portion of the village's adults in the Copper Talisman throughout the evening, enjoying the house brew.


Ostium revolves around two major industries.

First is the trading post. It's no secret to anyone who lives in Ostium that if it weren't for the trading post, there would be no village. So, the trading post, and the Ostium Traders hold a large amount of sway when it comes to political decisions.

The second industry of note is mining; specifically Copper Hills mine. The revenue from the copper, which is exceedingly plentiful in the mine, has threatened to overtake trading as the chief industry of Ostium. However, it's a delicate relationship, because the presence of the trading post is what enables the copper to be sold for such a profit. The kobold threat casts a long shadow over the mine, and therefore blights Ostium's entire way of life.

Law & Order

Tribune Titus Lytera leads a small group of guards. Lytera, for his part is a seasoned fighter. He earned his tribune status during a battle, but settled down in Ostium in search of peace. Praetor Motius has a strict no tolerance policy to crime in Ostium, he punishes criminals with swift, harsh justice.


Appearance Ostium villagers have dark skin and black or brown coloured hair. Dress The people tend toward cool light clothing.

Notable Locations

FM01: Motius Manor

DC01: The Docks

OTP01: Ostium Trading Post

KP20: Miner's Tenement

QP18: Miners Luck

MP24: The Copper Talisman

IJ8: Foundry - Burned to the ground

PS01: The Peoni Shrine

GH01: Gernia Homestead

JP15: Three Shoes


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