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Characters: The Hypnotist

Created On Sunday, 12 February 2023 00:49 By David Tannen


Name: The Hypnotist
Sex: Male
Race: Hallstatt
Profession: Swindler, Con-Man
Country: Land of the Twin Bighorns
Location: Tenedo
NPC: Yes

The Hypnotist is a tall and slender man, with piercing green eyes that seem to look right into the soul. He has a charming smile that he uses to disarm his victims, and his silky smooth voice is as hypnotic as his gaze. His hair is black as coal, and he wears it slicked back from his face, revealing a high forehead and sharp cheekbones.


The Hypnotist is a showman and megalomanic.  He wanted to become a mage but didn't have the aptitude to become a mage.  So he worked on stage magic, specifically hypnotism and sleight of hand.  He found he could manipulate young women into dangerous liaisons with him.  And his sleight-of-hand skills allowed him to be very good at poker.

His good luck ran out three (3) years ago when he seduced a high-ranking official's wife and daughter (with hypnotism) and cheated in a very big card game.  He barely escaped with his life, but the street performers he traveled with did not escape.  They were accused of aiding and abetting the Hypnotist.  They were all executed.


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