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Characters: Jurenda Varus

Created On Monday, 10 October 2022 04:13 By David Tannen


Name: Jurenda Varus
Sex: Female
Race: Glauberg
Profession: Duchess of Varus
Country: Land of the Twin Bighorns
Location: Dux Varus
NPC: Yes

Age: Young Adult
Height: Average
Hair: Medium Gray
Eye Color: Blue
Facial Shape: Broad
Distinguishing Features: Missing Right Hand (Congenital)

Drupius Varus and Denia Varus only had one child, Jurenda Varus, who was born with a birth defect.  She is missing her right hand.  Her parents loved her, and they worried about her future.  Jurenda is intelligent and curious.  She is also athletic.

She is being groomed to be the next ruler of the Dux Varus.


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