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Characters: Lico Pollio

Created On Sunday, 09 October 2022 03:02 By David Tannen


Name: Lico Pollio
Sex: Male
Race: Glauberg
Profession: Ruler of Pollio Duchy
Country: Land of the Twin Bighorns
Location: Pollio Castle
NPC: Yes

Age: Adult
Height: Tall
Hair: Long Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Facial Shape: Square
Distinguishing Features: Distinctive Scar

The Pollio family has ruled this area for the past two centuries.  Lico Pollio, older brother Cernius Pollio died of an illness at 28.  Lico was not fully trained to be a leader.  Lico spent the last seven (7) years studying how to be a good ruler.  He has good advisors, and he listens to their opinions.


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