Availability and Type of Armor on Nyonia


Most armor on Nyonia is fashioned from cloth, animal hides, leather, and bronze. This is due to the fact that Nyonia's climate is very humid. Iron based armor rusts very quickly and is almost impossible to keep in working condition. The other issue with iron based armor is the lack of iron.

Typical pieces of armor

When Hero Combat Manager is capable of supporting sectional armor for characters, sectional armor will be a part of having a character in Nyonia. In anticipation of that here are a list of typical pieces of armor found in Nyonia and what they are typically made of:

Type and Description      
Armor typically made by Ainu
Style Material PD/ED Weight
Cuirass Steel 6/6 6.9
Full Suit Iron / Leather 5/5 18
Full Suit Steel / Leather 6/6 14

Covers shoulders and torso

Full Body Armor
Full Body Armor
Covers from the shoulders, torso, and legs
Style Material PD/ED Weight
Byrnie Chain mail 6/6 13
Byrnie Leather 3/3 4.54
Byrnie Ring Mail 4/4 6.48
Chain mail
Ring Mail
Cuirass - Single plate
Covers shoulders and torso
Style Material PD/ED Weight
Cuirass - Plate Steel 6/6 8.1
Cuirass - Piece Leather 4/4 4.05
Cuirass - Plate Bronze 5/5 9.9


Cuirass Scale mail
Covers shoulders and torso
Style Material PD/ED Weight
Cuirass - Scale mail Steel 5/5 8.1
Cuirass - Scale mail Leather 3/3 4.2
Cuirass - Scale mail Bronze 4/4 8.1
Scale Leather

Scale Bronze


This the style and type of armor made and used by the Hammeh
Covers the entire upper body and thighs but not the hands.
Style Material PD/ED Weight
Hauberk - Chain mail Steel 6 11.4
Hauberk - Chain mail Iron 5 9.9
Hauberk Chain mail
Fully Equiped
Leather Vest

Covers the torso.
Style Material PD/ED Weight
Vest Soft Leather 1 1.62
Vest Heavy Leather 2 2.31
Vest Cur-Bouili 3 3.24

Time to get in and out of armor

One of the consequences of the Real Armor limitation is that it takes time to get in or out of. The time actually varied greatly depending on the construction of the armor and the experience of the person putting it on, but as a general rule of thumb, you can use the following guide:

  • Putting on a helmet, grabbing a shield - 1/2 phase
  • Putting on simple body armor, such as a hauberk or byrnie - 2 Phases
  • Putting on a full suit of leather armor and strap it on - 1 Turn
  • Putting on simple leg or arm protection (vambraces, mail chausses) - 1 Phase per limb
  • Putting on complex harnesses - 1 minutes for each limb

Getting out of armor takes about the same time as getting in, except that if the character can use a blade, the time can be reduced one step on the time chart, since straps and bindings can be sliced away. Of course the armor won't be of much use afterwards!

Hero Game System Prefabs

Use the following racially approved weapon and armor prefabs

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