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Character Benchmarks

This list speculates about the characteristics of many fictional heroes. There are famous Greek, Arthurian and fantasy book heroes in this list. The fantasy genre displays an amazing range of abilities with many characters falling well outside of the Normal Characteristic Maxima. The list is specific to fantasy characters and only hits the high points of well-known heroes, but it may give the players ideas on where they want to go (and more importantly - where they can go) with their character.

Value Strength Dexterity Constitution Body Intelligence Ego
7         Gregor Clegane  
8 Peasants, Levy, Merlin Militia Peasants, Levy, Farmers Peasants, Levy, Farmers, Merlin Peasants, Ajax Militia, Mercenaries, Ajax, Grendel
9       Soldiers, Mercenaries    
10 Farmers, Militia Guardsmen Militia, Soldiers, Mercenaries Squires, Elite Guards, Paris, Gray Mouser Lancelot, Paris, Jamie Lannister, Fafhrd Guardsmen, Soldiers, Paris, Gregor Clegane
11 Soldiers, Mercenaries Soldiers, Mercenaries   Gawain, Galahad, Jamie Lannister, Vlad Taltos   Lancelot, Jamie Lannister
12   Squires, Gregor Clegane       Squires, Young Knights, Boromir
13 Squires, Elite Guards, Paris, Gray Mouser, Vlad Taltos Young Knights Squires, Elite Guards, Gray Mouser Hector, Lancelot, Odysseus Gawain, Galahad, Percival, Boromir Knights, Fafhrd
14   Elite Guards, Ajax, Knights       Morgaine, Mordred
15 Royal Guards, Most Knights, Arthur, Gawain, Jamie Lannister Royal Guards, Grendel, Fafhrd Royal Guards, Most Knights, Jamie Lannister, Vlad Taltos Beowulf, Ajax, Roland, Aragorn, Boromir, Fafhrd Arthur, Hector, Conan, Aragorn, Gray Mouser, Juvenile Dragon Gawain, Hercules, Odysseus, Gray Mouser, Juvenile Dragon
16   Juvenile Dragon        
17   Hercules, Arthur, Boromir   Hercules, Achilles, Conan, Gregor Clegane   Achilles, Arthur, Bors
18 Galahad, Achilles, Lancelot, Aragorn, Fafhrd Gawain, Bors Lancelot, Gawain, Hector, Fafhrd Juvenile Dragon Mordred Hector, Conan, Vlad Taltos
19   Aragorn, Jamie Lannister        
20 Hector, Bors, Roland Beowulf, Roland, Galahad, Gray Mouser, Vlad Taltos, Majestic Dragon Achilles, Ajax, Boromir, Juvenile Dragon Minotaur, Grendel Odysseus, Morgaine, Vlad Taltos Beowulf, Roland
21 Odysseus Hector       Galahad, Percival, Aragorn
23 Boromir Lancelot, Conan Minotaur, Beowulf, Aragorn     Merlin
25 Conan, Juvenile Dragon Achilles Grendel, Hercules, Conan, Gregor Clegane      
28 Minotaur, Gregor Clegane       Merlin Majestic Dragon
30 Beowulf     Majestic Dragon Majestic Dragon  
35 Ajax      
36     Majestic Dragon  
40 Grendel      
45 Hercules      
60 Majestic Dragon      


Speed Examples
1 Peasants
2 Soldiers, Guardsmen, Squires
3 Mercenaries, Knights, Ajax, Grendel, Gregor Clegane, Fafhrd
4 Arthur, Gawain, Hercules, Roland, Odysseus, Boromir, Jamie Lannister, Gray Mouser, Vlad Taltos, Juvenile Dragon
5 Beowulf, Lancelot, Galahad, Hector, Achilles, Conan, Aragorn, Majestic Dragon
OCV (1) DCV (2) Examples
2 4 Peasants
5 6 Town Guard
6 8 Soldiers,Squires
9 8 Heavy Fighter (armor, DEX less than or equal 15, SPD less than or equal 3) - Knights
12 (3) 13 (4) Light Fighter (rPD/ED Less than 6, BODY less than 15, CON less than or equal 15, DEX greater than 15, SPD greater than 4) - Swashbuckler, Martial Artist

With combat skill levels

  1. With shield
  2. All skill levels in attack, generally has a natural OCV of 6 + 6 CSL with favored weapon
  3. All skill levels + parrying dagger or buckler in defense, generally has a natural DCV of 6 + 6 CSL with favored weapon


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