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Experience Points

How to earn

Everyone wants their character to grown and improve. They way that happens is by earning experience points. There are a number of ways to earn experience points. Being awarded experience points is entirely at the discretion of the GM. During some sessions the characters will earn now experience points and other sessions they will earn a large number of experience points.


At the end of an adventure characters will (at GM discretion) earn experience points. Here are some examples of how experience points are awarded:

  1. Short adventure – Single session – 1pt
  2. Simple plot – +0pt
  3. Characters outclass opponents in combat – +0pt
  4. Long adventure – Usually more than a single session. As a general rule 1 pt will be awarded per session
  5. Complex plot – Solving a complex plot will earn the characters in the adventure an additional +1 pt
  6. Very dangerous combat – Extremely outnumbered, outclassed, or the players finds a clever way to win a fight without having a fight will earn the characters on the adventure an additional +1 pt.
  7. Role Playing your character very well – +1pt
    1. No meta gaming (i.e. using information you know as a player but your character doesn’t).
    2. Creating an accent for your character and using the accent every time your character talks.
    3. Speaking in character, for example character walks into a tavern and you say “Good sir, I am Darkarus. What is your name?” instead of “I ask the barkeep his name.”
  8. Using your character’s skills or powers in an interesting and new way – +1pt

An example from my past game world. The characters discover that bandits are using an old fortress as their base. The characters take time to scout and spy on the fortress – say a week of game time. They then came up with a plan on how and when to attack the fortress. The the battle occurred. This was a 3 session adventure, it was a complex plot (due to the tactical considerations), it was a very dangerous combat situation (players very outnumbered and didn’t have help coming over the hill to save them), the players loved to RP their characters, and I think one of the fighters waited until the gate was up and then rode into the courtyard with two crossbows (one in each hand) and shot two guards dead. In the end each character earned 6 experience points and the fighter earned 7 experience points.

Fleshing out the Nyonian Campaign World and/or Specific Campaign site

Write interesting background material in form of Legends, Lore or Songs – Always provide a one or two sentence concept before you start to write. Remember to keep anything you want to write within the Nyonian mythos. Use of classic monsters, huge magical battles, etc must be cleared with GM before you start writing. If you don’t do that you may spend a lot of time and find out the story is rejected because it doesn’t fit

  1. Legends – A legend is a story coming down from the past, especially : one popularly regarded as historical although not verifiable. The best legends can be small ones. You don’t need to write a legend on the scale of the Knights of the Round Table.
  2. Lore – Lore is the body of knowledge, especially of a traditional, anecdotal, or popular nature, on a particular subject: the lore of herbs.
  3. Songs – Writing a story about an incident or event or just something fun. Reworking a song to work in the Nyonian world could work very well.

David Tannen

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