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Language Skills

Languages that are available

People Kingdom Name / Country / Realm Native Language Secondary Language Other Languages
Ainu Realm of Steel and the Three gems Ainuian Roman N/A
Aksum Ravens Kingdom Hammehan Celtic Celtic
Elam Land of the Five Spices Roman N/A N/A
Glauberg Land of the Twin Bighorns Roman Hammehan N/A
Hallstatt Kingdom of Rogues Roman N/A N/A
Hammeh Realm of Frost Hammehan Roman N/A
Koori Empire of the Oran Koorian Celtic Anglo-Saxon
Ligurian Realm of the Blessed Ursus Anglo-Saxon Roman N/A
Marius The Scipion Empire (Skip-i-on) Roman Hammehan N/A
Maurya The Realm of Quintus Roman Anglo-Saxon N/A
Mehgarth County of Kerala Roman Hammehan Samaran
Moche Realm of the Seven Ports Roman Anglo-Saxon Hammehan
Nebra Ethereal Realm of Makers Anglo-Saxon Roman N/A
Olduwan Province of the Wildlings Hammehan Roman Samaran
Samara Realm of the Buffalo Samaran Hammehan Roman
Strabo Republic of Strabonensis Hammehan Celtic N/A
Wangai Small Province Celtic Koorian Hammehan

Costs for languages within a culture/race

  • Native Language - 1 pt provides a 4pt skill (includes literacy)
  • Secondary Language - Can be bought up to 3pts and literacy is allowed
  • Other Language - Can be bought up to 2pts and literacy is allowed

Costs for languages outside a culture/race

The cost for languages outside of character's culture/race will cost 2x. Also they can only be bought up to 3pts. No one outside of the Ainu can learn their language. And only Koori and Wangai know Koorian.


Learning how to speak a new language is dependent on time and level of immersion in the language. * 1 pt of language skill takes 100 hours of consistent effort * 2 pts of language skill takes 1000 hours of consistent effort * 1 pt of literacy can only be learned after 2pts of language have been achieved and this takes an additional 500 hours * 3 pts of language skill takes an additional 5000 hours


  • Living in the culture where the language is the primary language will reduce the time by 20%
  • Dedicated teacher who has language skills which are better than the student and the teacher has the professional skill language instructor/teacher will reduce the time it takes to learn by using the following formula. Each hour spent with the teacher reduces the time by 2 hours.

David Tannen

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