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Guardians of Draco Veneno

There is a village of Fire Elouds who live here and are the Guardians of Draco Veneno. They guard the Draco Veneno (Dragonsbane) to prevent Easterlings from harvesting the Draco Veneno (Dragonsbane).

The Twining Stair

The trail enters a great fissure in the side of Splitpeak, a mountain whose top is cleft in two, diving it into northern and southern spires. The Twining Stair winds its way up through the fissure, many hundreds of feet to the top of the north spire. Parts never receive direct sunlight, and can be icy even in the warm months. The Twining Stair has many switchbacks where it is overlooked by fortified posts.

Splitpeak House

The mountaintop fortress supports the serene life the Fire Elouds lead. The corridors inside the northern peak are lit by dim lamps, but numerous windows and air shafts allow light in during the day; expertly fitted shutters keep out the wind.


David Tannen

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