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Circulum Luporum

A: The Old Mound

A cross-shaped mound, 30' high in the center, built from the rock of the escarpment, now covered in hardy grasses.

B: The Stone Circle

The stones stand 15' tall, and are hewn from the native rock. Many are etched with thoughtless graffiti.

C: Quarry Pool

Knee-deep and crystal clear, the quarry pool effervesces with tiny bubbles. Acrid vapors play across the surface, and the bottom is pale, bare rock. There are no fish.

D: The Blazing Fissure

A great crack splits the mound, pulsing with foul vapors and a ruddy glow. The fissure is 30' deep and 4' wide, and the bottom runs with molten lava. Water from the quarry pool sloshes in over a blackened lip, spitting up angry gouts of steam. The first part of the fissure is open to the air, but it runs a further 50' into the mound, ending in a small, lava-floored chamber.

E: Ceremonial Pool

A ceremonial pool predating the stone circle. Cracked, it will not hold water long.

F: Waterfall

This is the source of the river.

G: Dry Cave

A crack in the escarpment, a packed earthen floor shows frequent use.

H: Poor campsite

Inside: a cook fire, latrine pit and a filthy bedroll, all unwisely close. Small creatures bones litter the area outside.

I: Ancient Road

Scattered cobbles run four leagues due east until finally being swallowed by the forest.

J: Garden In The Ruins

Remnants of a cottage create a sheltered space. Erected by a wizard now long dead, who came centuries before the Elam to study the mound, circle and pool.

Surrounding Woods

The wood west of Circulum Luporum stretches for many miles, and is dense with maple, ash and oak trees. It is busy with the sounds of wildlife. Animal tracks, fruiting trees and berry-laden bushes abound.


David Tannen

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