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Fort Mosca Pass

Mosca Pass is one of the highest points in the Southeast District. It also has the one road that runs between Nemora Ater and Parvus Turmeric Arbustum and the rest of the Southeast District's spice farming valley. The road is dangerous, mostly due to the weather and steepness of the mountain pass that must be traversed. Fort Mosca Pass is one of the most important forts in the entire Southeast District. The fort is strategically located along the main road between Nemora Ater and Parvus Turmeric Arbustum. Because of its importance there is a well armed, trained and lead garrison at the fort.

Over the centuries it has seen peaceful times, times of banditry, and Gargun swarms. The gates have been breached one time each but the garrison was able to defend and fight off the attackers and regain control of the fort. Generally garrisoned with 100 men. At anyone time there are 20 to 25 men on patrol between the fort and nearby towns and villages. The garrison always has 50 men stationed at the fort. In times of emergency levies are called up from nearby towns and villages.

Battle of Fort Mosca Pass in 176 AoE

There was a battle between the garrison and an adventuring party verses a large horde of Gargun, Fire Eloud, and Golza (Wyvern).



Country of Origin
Land of Twin Bighorns 7410 870
Province of the Wildlings 6417 535
The Scipion Empire 10105 784
Total 23932 2189
Individual division (see note) 2393 218

Since the engagement was military and the party was under military authority at the time the 'spoils' from the Fire Elioud tent are going to be split 10 ways. Seven parts for the party, one part for the Captain and two parts for the garrison.

Other Items

Item Retail Value
Blue Sapphire 1760 cp
Blue Sapphire 1880 cp
Dice Cup Standard 124 cp
Emerald 820 cp
Fancy Ring made of ivory 1380 cp
Hummingbird Feathers 250 cp
Ram's Horn 520 cp
Savory Leaves 70 cp
Silver Sacrificial Knife 840 cp
Spyglass 5x 840 cp
Steel Mirror 2740 cp
Sweet Basil Leaves 60 cp
Total Value

11284 cp


The only item the Captain is insisting stays with them is the Spyglass and the Ram's Horn. Final Shares then are: 1417 cp each

David Tannen

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