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Nemora Ater

Nemora Ater (Malicious Woods) has seen its share of strange and dangerous events. There are Gargun hives near the village. There are Fire Elioud who also live nearby. And there are at least three Ghidorah families which leave nearby.


  • Armorer (XJ1)
  • Baker (JP3)
  • Barber (LK9)
  • Barracks (XJ1)
  • Blacksmith (RL6)
  • Cooper (KG2)
  • Doctor Mectecius (ON1)
  • Furrier (JN1)
  • Furrier (OH3)
  • Herbalist (ON1)
  • Midwife Nespia (ON2)
  • Old-Clothes (OP4)
  • Shoemaker (GN1)
  • Shoemaker (KD2)
  • Spice Merchant (OH2)
  • Tailor (IO2)
  • Tailor (OJ13)
  • The Blue Coin [Inn] (IN1)
  • The Brass Dog [Tavern] (XJ2)
  • The Drunken Plow [Inn] (RG1)
  • The Ivory Coin [Store] (OO4)
  • Two Coppers and Five Dragons [Store] (QW1)
Houses - ES2, GN4, HM1, HV4, IN3, IP2, IP3, JN2, JQ1, KN2, KN3, LI13, LJ11, LL5, LL7, LM12, MI8, MK6, ML23, MM7, MN4, NN4, NQ6, OQ3, PH6, PM10, QH1, RE1, RG3, SD2, SD3, and XJ1


Nemora Ater - Details

Encounter at Nemora Ater

David Tannen

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