Pons Aelius

Northern District of Lecia
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Pons Aelius (Aelian Bridge) is a fortification which guards the river between Flumen Ancra Arcem and Viculus de Agnos. The garrison also guards the bridge over the river and patrols between other fortifications in the area.


The garrison is composed of 300 men, mostly infantry.  At any time there are 100 men on patrol between various sites in the area.


There are always 15 to 25 men on the walls at any time.  The remainder are either off duty or training.

The village is a sleepy little village with approximately 100 people. They provide supplies to the garrison, at a reasonable price.  There are two small taverns in town.  One is for the locals and the other is visited by the garrison or travellers.  The taverns do not provide lodging of any kind.


Travelers are directed to stay in the open spaces along the river, their boats or if they can convince a villager to rent them space in their home (unlikely) or barn (possibly for a fee).

The local commander is Centurion Octius Hibus