Heidi's Inn

Heidi’s Inn is close to the Hedge Row, between the road and the river. Heidi’s Inn is a modest sized Inn, although large for a village this size. It consists of a common room, kitchen, a cellar, and upper floor. There are 4 private (accommodate 1 or 2 beds) and two semi-private rooms (dorms – 6 people each) and the common room which can be used for sleeping as well. The front porch overlooks the river. The common room has tables and chairs abound, set in no particular order. The common room often has several locals in it drinking Heidi’s very fine beer she brews behind the house. One large fire place dominates the north wall.

Heidi is an attractive young lady, about 30 years of age, with thin dark hair and dark eyes. She is not particular about her appearance, though she is not unkempt.



Name Race Culture Sex/Age Background
Heidi Oddny Elam easterling Female Owner
Armorod Mehgarth hammehan Male Bartender
Sania Hallstatt easterling Female Cook
Arvia Elam easterling Female Cook
Umareus Elam easterling Male Servers
Mistia Elam easterling Female Servers


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