Viculus de Agnos

Viculus de Agnos (Village of Lambs) is a place where many sheep herders gather a couple times of year for shearing of their sheep.   

The village is partially walled with a mixture of hedge, stone and wood. The wall is built in a great arc covering the village north, west and south; the eastern side of the village is protected by the river itself. A hedge, called the Hedge Row, 12’ ft. high and 8’ ft. thick, protects the northern end of the village.  The hedge ends in a large pylon of rocks, 10 feet high, capped by a tower. The rocks serve to anchor the wooden palisade that stretches along the south western part of the village and the southern part of the village, ending at the river.

The houses inside line the dirt road, with a few dozen built off the road, nearer the walls. All the houses are wooden, built of split rails or cut lumber. They are shingled for the most part, though some have thatching. They are arranged in no particular order, strewn haphazardly about.

Chickens, cows, goats and sheep are in the town.  Not only are the hills and mountains full of sheep but every part of the village appears to have sheep or sheep droppings.

  1. Heidi's Inn
  2. Gil Sandburn's home
  3. Steinar's Store
  4. The Tinkers
  5. Greely's Inn


David Tannen

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