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She is of average height and build. She has black hair and brown eyes. She typically wears leggings and a tunic. She is close to 20 years old.

Among the shamans in the Realm of the Buffalo it is tradition that before a shaman becomes a full shaman they spend some time outside the realm to experience the life and culture of other people. Many times shamans act as the ambassadors of their tribe to other countries and as such need an understanding of their culture and way of life. After a shaman completes their training they go out to another country. This act is called a cerdded o gwmpas. This act is very sacred and is usually only discussed in a tribe, specifically among shamans and chiefs. Shamans will often times gather with each other to discuss their cerdded o gwmpas especially if a shaman will be going to that country as an ambassador. This is done to avoid offending people.

When the time came for Morwenna to go on her cerdded o gwmpas she went to Land of the Five Spices. After a moon in the capital she went to the near by city-state of Soke. In the Southeastern part of this city-state she found a village named Nemora Ater. In the village she asked around to see if any farm family would like an extra hand to help on the farm in exchange for room and board. A family was in town and were willing to take her on. Their farm was northeast of the village.

The mother’s name was Aurore. The father’s name was Favyen. They had four kids, two boys and two girls. Rive was the oldest girl at the age of 12 years. Sancta was the youngest girl at the age of 8 years. Tristam was the oldest boy at the age of 16 years. Plyor was the youngest boy at the age of 6 years.

The family was grateful for Morwenna because Morwenna could heal many diseases and injuries that occurred and could help move heavy objects thanks to her rhoddion gan yr ysbrydion. The kids enjoyed her stories about her people that she would tell them.


Catalina Cretsinger

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