Surtak Of The Gorulas Clan

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A huge Koori, very muscular, and always angry looking.

I am Surtak Of The Gorulas Clan and I once had a pride and mates and cubs. But my brotherKhashi stole them from me. He claimed that I was abusing my mates and cubs but they did not obey my commands and they needed to be punished. My brother always the soft hearted one did not take the warrior’s way of challenging me and taking my pride from me. No instead he went to the patriarch with his tail between his legs to bring judgment and shame upon me.

I was exiled. If I had committed a crime I would have taken the punishment of death but I committed no crime. The leader of a pride may do as he wishes with his mate and cubs. I waited until my brother went on a trip.

I strode into his home and killed his pride with my claws. All but the youngest cub. I had found another cub who was sickly and had recently died. I made sure the heads of the cubs where smashed to a point where they could not be recognized. The youngest cub and our grandfathers great sword are all I took.

I knew I could kill my brother the moment he saw what I had done but I decided that he should live with shame and torment for all his days. He calls himself a Koori! He is no Koori because he could not protect his own pride.

The cub I am raising as my own. He will know me as his father, not my brother (his true father). He will learn that it was his father who killed his mother and cub mates. He will learn that I rescued him. In this way I will have a final revenge against my brother.