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7 foot humanoid lion, wielding two crystal blue batons. Master of Kitty Fu



I stood on the rocky cliff and looked down over the forest that had been my home since I was a cub. I knew that this would be the last time that I would ever see my homeland. But there is nothing here for me now. Nothing but painful memories, reminders of what I once had, reminders of what I had lost. I am now a Koori without a pride, without a family… without a home. I will travel far from my homeland, I will put distance between myself and the place that has brought me such pain.

I am Khashi of the Gorulas clan, of the Nation of Oran. I once had a pride of my own, three beautiful mates and five young cubs. We had a home where we were happy and were building our lives together. Unfortunately, I also have a brother and he is everything that I despise. From the time we were cubs, Surtak has been cruel, sadistic, and full of hate. As we grew older, he only grew worse. When I became of age and left our family pride, I cut him from my life. I knew that he would never change, but I didn’t want him to poison my life any longer.

Surtak’s oldest mate came to me. She bore the signs of a savage beating. I recognized my brother’s work, I had worn similar marks often as a child. She told me tales of his abuse, his cruelty, his torture to her and his other mates… and to his cubs. She begged me for help and I could not deny her. I tried to speak to my brother and he laughed in my face and ordered me to leave his land. I did not see his oldest mate for many days, and when I finally did, she had been beaten even more savagely than before. Larani forgive me, I was tempted to murder my own brother. But that is not our way.

I went before Semsochi, the wise patriarch of the Gorulas clan, and I told him of my brother’s sins. I told him of the wounds upon my brother’s mate, I told him of my brother’s cruelty and I asked him to intervene. Semsochi ordered Surtak be brought before him.Surtak was arrogant to our patriarch and proclaimed it his right to treat his mates as he saw fit. Semsochi proclaimed judgment and found Surtak unworthy of our clan. Semsochi offered him the choice of death or exile. Ever the coward, Surtak chose exile.

I took Surtak’s females and his cubs in to my pride. I did not make the females my mates, but I offered them my protection and I offered them my home. Many months passed. Slowly their wounds healed and they began to thrive. They no longer feared every dark shadow. I should have known that Surtak would not allow his pride to be taken away from him so easily.

I knew something was wrong that day as I approached home. There was an unnatural quiet over the forest. It should have been filled with the sounds of my cubs laughing and playing, the sounds of my pride as they went about their lives. But instead there was only silence. I quickened my pace when I smelled the smoke. And I ran until my heart nearly burst when I smelled the blood. The sight that greeted me will haunt me until my dying day.

Every member of my pride lay slaughtered before me, their bodies laid out in a neat row. The females with their throats slit, the cubs with their heads bashed in. Every member of my own pride, plus those of my brother’s that I had offered my protection.

Semsochi gave me a dozen of our clan’s best hunters and trackers, but it was no use. My brother, ever the coward, had fled the lands of Koori, across the water to the land of man. I stayed in Koori long enough to attend to the proper burial of my pride, but now I will also travel to the land of men. There is nothing left for me here… and perhaps, if Larani blesses me, one day I will find by cowardly brother… and I will make him pay.


Todd Hansen

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